Sunrise Discotheques

Why book your discotheque from Sunrise Management?

Yes, if you look in the yellow pages you probably will get a discotheque which appears to be cheaper. However, one of the benefits of booking your discotheque through Sunrise Management is that the DJ that you have booked and spoken to will be the one who arrives on the evening! Sub-contracting is the curse of the discotheque industry but at Sunrise we only employ a team of 6 DJs all of whom we trust implicitly to play the right material at the right volume. We are also more than happy for you to speak to the presenter who will be working for you in advance of the evening and discuss your requirements for repertoire with them. Unlike cheaper options, which are usually one-man shows in the very unlikely event that the engaged artiste is, for some unforeseen reason, unable to appear we would provide you with another presenter of the same calibre.

Don't forget if your event has a theme our presenters are very happy to work to a musical and costume brief!