Motivational Entertainments & Activities

We are pleased to list below our most popular Motivational Entertainments. We offer many new, exciting motivational team games such as rebuilding a real Citroen 2CV jigsaw that drives (if built correctly), a brand new corporate version of the 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire' TV show, as well as the more traditional Company Quizzes and fun. However we have many more other ideas for you – please call our office on 020 7649 9454 for the latest listing.

The Millionaire ShowThe Millionaire Show

Chris Tarrant lookalike Pete Johnson hosts the ultimate in game show entertainment. Adaptable to suit product ranges or staff bonus schemes. Questions can be provided to relate to your products. This unique format is an extremely successful tool to provide product knowledge and entertainment to your workforce and clients. More information >

The Chunnel ChallengeThe Chunnel Challenge

Perfect your Eurotalents in a fun packed event that will make you ECUmenically correct in the social graces and skills essential for the thrust into Europe. Rebuild a real 2CV Jigsaw! Ride the Spanish Bull! Construct the Dutch Cheese Mountain! Compete in the Zurich Gnome Throwing Contest! Enter The Le Mans 24hr Race! Come first in the Lederhosen Ballroom Finals.

Talent ShowTalent Show

Reality and talent shows are now a part of everybody's TV experience. Let Sunrise bring them live to your event and compete with your colleagues for the ultimate prize. We take our road-going versions of TV favourites such as X Factor, Strictly and Britain's Got Talent to your venue, complete with sets, sound, lights and music. All you need to bring is your talent!

Racing CertaintiesRacing Certainties

Get under starter's orders with this 'Day At The Races' which could make the Marx Brothers look sensible! Divide your delegates into teams and bet points or fun money on: Large Screen Video Horse Racing, Four Lane Scalextric, Wind Up Gee Gees and Casino Tables for the real gamblers. More images >

Personalised CartoonPersonalised Cartoon

Although caricaturists have long been a successful conference entertainment, we have always thought that the potential of this totally unique portrait as a marketing device or memento is wasted. There is usually nothing on the sketch to remind the subject of perhaps which colleague retired on that date, or more importantly where to buy their Widgets!

We are providing an ever increasing number of clients with the ultimate in personalised cartoons. Given information about your product, company or in-house jokes we make up a pre-printed pad with your chosen scenario and message. Armed with this pad our cartoonist simply draws the subject 'in situ'. The end result is amusing, more detailed, and because much of the artwork is pre-prepared assures more cartoons per evening. In full colour or black and white.