Advice and information for booking after-dinner speakers and presenters

  • After dinner speakers do not generally bring amplification with them. Normally the hotel or venue will have a system for amplifying speeches. This facility should of course be checked well in advance.
  • Many after dinner speakers will require a lectern to perform from, again this is normally provided by the venue.
  • Should you require company promotions, key staff members, or product information to be utilised in the speech the speaker should be given as much notice and information as possible.
  • Although most presenters work tremendously well improvising, award ceremonies and presentations may require a rehearsal and scripting and time must be allowed for the presenter to learn what is required.
  • Although speakers are only on stage for a relatively short time, their working day amounts to many hours and includes travelling, waiting to go on, performance, and finally travelling home. For this reason we ask that adequate refreshments and non-alcoholic beverages are made available to the speaker at a sensible time before the performance. Water should always be available at all times.
  • Site visits before the event are not generally required, however this service is available (chargeable).
  • If there is a particular subject that you would rather not be spoken about we suggest you give plenty of advance warning. Some speakers can use appropriate adult language; please advise on booking if you would like to restrict adult language.