Advice and information for booking live bands

  • Please bear in mind when booking a party band that they will need a place to perform. A raised stage is always best, but not essential. Obviously the bigger the band the more room they will take up. It makes for a better performance if audience tables are not placed right on top of the band. Please ensure you have a big enough dance floor as our bands will have everyone on the floor all night!
  • An adequate power supply will be required; for most bands this means no more than a couple of 13 amp sockets, however it will really help our acts if this power supply is close to the stage!
  • All our acts will need a room to change into their stage outfits. It helps if the room contains a mirror and washing facilities. A room near the ballroom is a great help to bands who do costume changes.
  • Although bands are only on stage for a relatively short time, their working day amounts to many hours and includes travelling, setting up, waiting to go on, performance, packing down and finally travelling home. For this reason we ask that adequate refreshments and non-alcoholic beverages are made available to the artistes at a sensible time before their performance. Water should always be available at all times – it can get very hot on stage!
  • Site visits before the event are not generally required, however this service is available from all our bands (chargeable).
  • Many of our bands are happy to accept guest performers to sing or play with them, however they must be asked in advance of the event. Most bands will ask for the guest performer to bring their own instrument. No band will accept drunk guests on stage with them for health & safety reasons.
  • Should you require any special song performed we advise that you give the band ample opportunity to learn the song. Alternatively all our bands will be more than happy to play any CDs or tapes you wish to provide.
  • All our bands provide background and/or foreground music during their break(s), if you have any music preference you can bring CDs and the band will be happy to play them.